Dr. Ümit Özen, Ph.D.

He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Management from Istanbul Technical University, a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Bosphorus University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. He also completed his post-doctorate study after getting Ph.D. degree. He worked as a professional for very well-known companies in different industries in Turkey and abroad, such as airlines, manufacturing, retailing, personal care products, chemicals, holdings, paper, automotive and logistics for more than 20 years. Most of his studies in these companies were elected and taken as the best practices, and presented in several national and international conferences. He is expert in strategic management as his doctoral dissertation was a comprehensive study on strategic planning and thinking. He gave lectures about ‘Strategic Management’ and ‘Work Study’ as a guest professor in different universities while he was working as a professional in companies. He has moderated several strategy search conferences in companies. He has attended several national and international conferences as a speaker since 1993. He has more than 10 scientific publications.


His break-even point analysis study in SEKA (Paper Manufacturing) was first selected as the best practice applications among Turkish state companies and honored by MPM (Turkish Productivity Centre) as the most successful business valuation model in 1995. He was the fastest promoted person in SEKA from engineer to chief in 1993. Then, he was selected as an executive candidate in Sabanci Talent Pool Program, started to work in Sabancı Holding as a strategy expert. He defined holding investment and evaluation rules. He evaluated Sabancı Business portfolio and projected Sabancı companies’ strategies to the future. Then, he moved to Amsterdam to work as COO in Duponsa to manage ERP systems of all plants in England, Germany and Turkey. He first got his black belt certificate from Dupont Academy in the Netherlands in 2002. He is the first of Six Sigma Master Black Belt in Turkey. He got the second six sigma black belt certificate again in Turkey in 2008. He has done and coached several Six Sigma projects and educated several people since 2007. He is now six sigma master black belt. He is also an expert on lean management. He did and managed many successful lean projects. He won several prizes in Lean Six Sigma project competitions in Sabancı and abroad.


He is an advocate and practitioner in Process Management and Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model. His Process Management Model and BSC applications were chosen as the Best Customer Practice by a Finnish company QPR in 2008, as the Best Management Model in Sabancı in 2009. He is one of the leading thought leaders and assertive thinkers in excellence area. He attended business excellence courses in England, then applied the premier best practice business checklist for companies aspiring to business excellence especially in Sales and Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning (ERP).


Dr. Ozen has ISO 9001 Total Quality Management Lead Auditor Certificate. He has trained nearly 1,500 people as Quality Internal Auditor in Turkey. He established a perfect Quality Management Model for one of the biggest electronic retailing company in Turkey. This quality model was selected as 'The Best Practice’ from the British Standard Organization in 2010. He gave a webinar on ‘How to Build and Maintain a Successful Quality Management System’ and it was the most listened webinar in Europe in 2008. He is the certified instructor by the largest certification company British Standard Organization (BSI) in the world. He gave several ISO 31000 Risk Management, ISO 10002 Complaint (Voice of Customer) Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard seminars as a accredited trainer from BSI in Turkey. Dr. Ozen is also a very well-known Risk Management Expert. He applies ISO 31000 Risk Management standard requirements into different risk models in companies. His specific and easy corporate risk models have been very remarkable, and therefore, his risk management seminars and workshops are very popular and the most preferred trainings in Turkey and in abroad.


He opened INFOMAN Training and Management Consultancy Company in 2011. He has given several trainings and management consultancy services to many national and international companies like Bosch, Carrefour, Borusan, YDS, YKM, Teknosa etc. about process management, balanced scorecard (BSC), risk management, customer complaints management, quality management, lean management and six sigma till April 2016. During that time, he went to Philippines several times to give six sigma conferences and international seminars on process management, risk management and strategic management.


Now, he has been working as a general manager consultant and a member of operations executive committee since May 2016.  He is restructuring all business processes to be more efficient and customer oriented to be a low cost airline. Applying lean concepts in projects pursuing continuously perfection. He has structured performance scorecards for each department especially related to processes and company targets using Balanced Scorecard methodology. He is also leading all strategic and risk management studies in the company. He is managing all ISO standard certification processes (SHEQI) throughout the company.


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