Consulting Projects

Yıldırımlar Giyim, which started its business life in 1990, makes a difference in the sector by producing or supplying and selling products related to Occupational Health and Safety, as well as high quality products designed and produced specifically for the customer through intensive R&D studies.
With the consultancy service I have initiated on almost every issue, from the forward-looking organizational structuring of the company to the efficiency of processes, from sales organization to purchasing, from warehouse management to logistics, from production to sales, we will provide the company with a more solid, target-oriented, more corporate and systematic structure for the future.
Founded in 1974 with the aim of combining leather and fashion, Derimod is the first brand in Turkey to integrate leather and fashion. Derimod, which has been the locomotive of its sector with the firsts it has achieved in its sector for 50 years, has 87 stores across Turkey, carrying out communication and advertising activities with its own brand in the sector, with its philosophy of unconditional customer satisfaction and happiness, and with its products and collections designed in parallel with changing consumer expectations and changing lifestyles. We evaluated Derimod store processes and all store operations from a simplicity and efficiency perspective, and by conducting store visits, improvement and potential development opportunities were identified. We identified more than 70 improvement suggestions under 18 process headings and presented our work to the management.

PEGASUS is a leading low-cost airline in Turkey, which provides reasonably-priced transportation opportunities on point-to-point basis in short and medium range flight lines and aims to set up a wide flight network with high flight frequency for guests. PEGASUS Hava Tasimaciligi A.S, which was founded as a joint venture company on 1990 by Aer Lingus Group, Silkar Yatırım ve Insaat Organizasyonu A.S. and Net Holding A.S., entered into commercial operation with two airplanes. After being acquired on 2005 by Esas Holding A.S. owned by Sevket Sabanci and his family, PEGASUS started scheduled domestic flights in November of the same year and became the 4th top among the scheduled airlines operating in Turkey. According to the final structure of partnership after the Initial Public Offering; 34.5 % of shares are floating in Borsa Istanbul and 65.5% belongs to Esas Holding A.S, whereas the rest is owned by Sevket Sabanci and his family. PEGASUS has been flying for 20 years and is Turkey's most established private airline. We will start this big project in April 2016. The project will begin with process management, and then continue with balanced scorecard, strategy management, enterprise risk management, customer complaints management and lean six sigma applications.

The first CARREFOUR store opened in France on June 15, 1963. Today, CARREFOUR has approximately 16 thousand stores in 33 countries, a total of 470 thousand employees and is Europe's no. 1 retail chain. Retailer Carrefour openned its first store in Turkey in 1993. CARREFOUR and SABANCI HOLDING made a JV in 1996. As of today, CARREFOURSA has 8000 employees, more than 250 stores, four different store formats (hypermarket, gurme, supermarket and mini). They are offering the best quality of service to customer needs. CARREFOURSA is now a big retail chain in Turkey. INFOMAN has been giving training and  consultancy services to CARREFOURSA in process management, quality management, performance management, customer complaints management, risk management to achieve operational excellence by using lean six sigma tools since 2014. Our aim is to get ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 certifications for all CARREFOURSA processes and businesses. At the end of this project, CARREFOURSA will be faster in processes, more customer focused, more economical, and more productive.

YDS is a family-owned company in Textile and leather industries, which exports to more than 25 countries, is Europe's largest manufacturer of technical military boots, is the market leader in safety shoes in Turkey, has world-class R & D laboratories. YDS is in Fortune 500 list. We have been working for YDS to establish all process, quality, risk, human and strategic performance management systems since 2012.


KLİKSA is one of the Sabancı Holding Companies. KLİKSA has been selling different kinds of products on internet platform since 2012. is selling more than 250.000 products.  KLİKSA is continuously adding new products into its product portfolio with competitive prices and new campaings every day. We will start to give consultancy services to KLİKSA on process management, balanced scorecard, quality management (ISO 9001:2015), customer complaints management (ISO 10002:2014), and risk management (ISO 31000:2009) in May 2015. Our target is to achieve operational excellence in all processes. We will  be more quick in processes, provide more quality services to customers and perform them with low cost.

The German company EVE A.G. is a senior partner in KAYSERIGAZEWE A.G. which is the regional-oriented innovative service provider is operating at energy, telecommunication and information technologies fields. Successful operations realized in KAYSERIGAZ made KAYSERIGAZ one of the best managed private sector gas distribution companies of Turkey. KAYSERIGAZ wants to be a model company in energy sector in Turkey. More than 40 managers participated in our wokshops to structure the company's Balanced Scorecard model using their strategy and targets. We also identified Key Performance Indicators with all participants for each strategic target under each perspective at the end of the workshops.

BAKU ELECTRONICS has different formats of electronic retail stores in Azerbaijan. BAKU ELECTRONICS is the market leader. Together with the company managers of operating the shops, By visiting and auditing some stores, we determined and reported operational improvement areas. Then, we moderated a strategy research conference with all family members and critical top managers. We discussed and reviewed current vision, mission, objectives and strategies of the company. In addition, we evaluated and improved existing enterprise performance management model. We determined the future direction of BAKU ELECTRONICS strategically with this meeting.

We gave consultancy service for all BOSCH automotive spare parts plants in Bursa to establish enterprise risk management model for more than 1.5 years. First, we have given a lot of awareness trainings in Turkish and English about Risk Management to all process managers and German top executives. Other Bosch companies' managers have been also invited to this trainings. Then, we did several workshops to determine process risks with all departman directors, process owners and blue collar workers. After defining process risks, we determined critical risks according to its likelihood and impact with process owners. Then we presented these critical risks to senior management. We have established a risk management model for BOSCH that meets ISO 31000 risk management standard. We presented our risk management establishment system to other Bosch Plants in the the world by doing several teleconferences.

BOSCH HEATING SYSTEMS is the market leader in heating and cooling sector with the brands of BUDERUS combi, BOSCH combi and LG air conditioner. We moderated risk determination workshops with all middle and senior managers in identifying corporate and operational risks for BOSCH HEATING SYSTEMS. After these workshops, we wrote a risk management report with senior managers together to be used in company's annual report. We determined effective solutions for the determined critical risks to decrease the negative effects on corporate targets.

BOSCH BRAKING SYSTEMS established in 1975. They manufactures hydraulic brake systems for automobiles and light commercial vehicles. We have identified all the risks realted to company strategies and targets by moderating a workshop with middle and senior managers of the company. BOSCH BRAKING SYSTEMS is a public company in Istanbul Stock Exchange. After our workshop, we prepared an annual risk report which would be published in annual report of the company in 2013. 


TEKNOSA is the leader of electronic retailing in Turkey. We gave consultancy and training services to establish standard practices in all TEKNOSA stores. We did a lot of lean six projects to achieve business excellence in every processes especially retated to company targets. We gave lean six sigma green belt training to the employees. We leaded ISO 9001 Total Quality Management certification process by auditing all TEKNOSA stores and departments. In addition, TEKNOSA achieved to take ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management Certification under our consultancy. 

IKLIMSA is a sister company of TEKNOSA and the leader by selling air conditions and heaters in Turkey. IKLIMSA is working with several franchise dealers. We drew all business processes with department managers and then restructured to be more productive and customer oriented by several doing lean six sigma projects. After doing a strategy search conference with shareholders and top management, we created a successful Balanced Scorecard Model (BSC) to achieve targets on time. We audited all departments and some dealers. Finally, they got ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management System certifications under our consultancy. We defined IKLIMSA risks and put them in Teknosa Risk model monitored in BSC model.

YKM was one of the most well-known multi-level retailing stores in Turkey. First, we gave some trainings to increase awareness of managers about process management. Before joining with BOYNER, we defined business processes and then drew them by organizing several workshops with department managers. We defined all responsible managers in process charts and job descriptions. During these workshops, many improvement areas were determined and reported to the top management. All these studies were used to integrate YKM processes into BOYNER processes, especially in BOYNER SAP system integration.