Instructor: Dr. Ümit ÖZEN /
Participant Profile: Company owners, board members, company senior management, directors, managers, risk managers, process owners, department managers and employees who make operational and strategic decisions.
Purpose: To reinforce the subjects with practices by learning the techniques and methods that enable companies to turn strategies into a management style, to increase the participants' ability to produce strategies, and to establish the foundations of strategic thinking. To understand the differences between vision, mission, strategy and tactics with examples. To talk about the vision search conference and its results, and to explain the successes of successful companies by producing common sense. Aligning goals with strategies, measuring, analyzing and revealing the rules of management.
Educational content:
  • Changing World and Business Dynamics
  • Success Factors of the Business World
  • Management Tools Used
  • Determining the Strategic IQ of the company
  • Strategy Description
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic Management
  • The Impact of Strategies on Company Value
  • Customer Analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Company Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • BSC Matrix
  • GE Matrix
  • Future Analysis
  • Strategic Risk Analysis
  • Porter's 5 Forces
  • Critical Success Factors and Their Identification
  • Business Development Techniques
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Determination and Evaluation of Strategic Options
  • Creating Vision, Mission, Goal, Strategy, Tactics, Action Plan
  • Corporate Scorecard Model (BSC Model)
  • Creating the Company Strategy Map
  • Creating Strategy Tracking Indicators (KPI)
  • Tracking and Reporting Strategy Performance
Number of Participants: Maximum 15 people
Duration: 2 days

Dr. Ümit ÖZEN, Ph.D.
Management Consultant and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt 
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