Instructor: Dr. Ümit ÖZEN / www.drumitozen.com
Participant Profile: Process owners, project management employees, reporting department managers and employees
Purpose: It is often not questioned how effectively and correctly the reports, which have an important place in the decision-making mechanism, are prepared and whether they serve the desired purpose. Inadequate or incorrectly prepared reports begin to increase in number and diversify over time, becoming empty activities that do not create any added value within the company. Sometimes reports are well prepared but cannot be interpreted correctly. Due to managers' time constraints, most prepared reports or presentations are not read, remain on desks, in e-mail accounts, or are deleted. This training will explain how to prepare reports that serve the purpose and enable correct decisions to be made. At the end of the training, report samples used within the company will be examined and evaluated according to the messages given in the training. With lean reporting techniques, more accurate decisions will be made with fewer reports, and how reports should be written and organized in a way that attracts the attention of those who will read the report will be explained with examples in this training.
Educational content:
  • Report definition
  • Why are reports needed?
  • Reporting techniques and their importance
  • Report preparation process
    • Collecting data about the problem
    • Analyze the problem
    • Bringing a solution
    • Reporting/Presentation
  • Preparation of the report
  • Things to consider when writing a report (Workshop)
  • Design and text editing principles to increase the effectiveness of the report/presentation
  • Sample Report Preparation (Workshop)
  • Discussion of the Reports Made (Workshop)
Number of Participants: Maximum 12 people
Duration: 2 day

Dr. Ümit ÖZEN, Ph.D.
Management Consultant and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt 
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