Instructor: Dr. Ümit ÖZEN /
Participant Profile: Company owners, process owners, quality department managers and employees, process and product improvement and development related department managers and employees, all department employees related to and in communication with the customer.
Purpose: The importance of the customer is increasing day by day. The highly competitive environment now forces companies to listen to the voice of the customer. Companies that do not listen to their customers are always on the losing side. Companies that listen to their customers and improve their processes and services in this direction are always more profitable. ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Standard, which was accepted as a standard in 2009, defines very clearly how this job should be done, how the process should work, and the requirements. How much do we really care about customer complaints? How much do we analyze them and transfer or change them to our processes? Knowing that gaining new customers is very costly, we should never want to lose our existing customers or lose them to competitors due to not being able to make them happy. In this training, which explains how the customer complaints management process should work systematically, companies will have the opportunity to review their existing complaint management processes, identify the points they need to pay attention to, and develop a customer-oriented perspective with practices and processes that will make a difference in the eyes of the customers after the training. At the end of this training, you will learn how the ISO 10002 customer satisfaction management system will help you effectively manage customer feedback and complaints and understand the importance of complaints and customer feedback.
Educational content:
Customer Expectations and Needs
Voice of the Customer and Its Importance
Framework for Handling Complaints in Companies
Complaint Management Planning and Design
Discussing Current Company Practices
ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management Standard and Complaints Handling Process
Receiving the complaint
Follow-up of the complaint
Notification that the complaint has been received
Initial evaluation of the complaint
Investigation of complaints
Respond to complaints
Notification of decision
Closing the complaint
Maintaining and Continuously Improving the System
Number of Participants: Maximum 15 people
Duration: 2 days

Dr. Ümit ÖZEN, Ph.D.
Management Consultant and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt 
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