Instructor: Dr. Ümit ÖZEN /
Participant Profile: Company owners, board members, company senior management, directors, managers, risk managers, process owners, department managers and employees who make operational and strategic decisions.
Purpose: To determine company strategies under different perspectives by creating a scorecard model, to establish critical performance parameters, to determine alarm and target ranges, to make strategic management with targets a part of the company. To develop the practice of establishing a Scorecard model with case studies. To learn how the company strategy map and tracking indicators should be created and followed by reinforcing them with practices.
Educational content:
  • Basic concepts (What is vision, strategy, goal?)
  • Determining strategies
  • Management by objectives
  • Scorecard model definition (4 Perspectives)
  • Determining strategies under perspectives
  • Establish critical performance parameters
  • Creating alarm levels
  • Tracking, tracking and reporting methods
  • Improvement actions
  • Creation of strategy maps and indicators
  • Application examples from companies
Number of Participants: Maximum 15 people
Duration: 2 days

Dr. Ümit ÖZEN, Ph.D.
Management Consultant and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt 
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