Are you having difficulty identifying, modeling and managing your risks?
With corporate risk management, it is possible to identify potential risks that may arise in the achievement of company goals, to prioritize all emerging risks according to their impact and probability of occurrence, and to take the necessary precautions by the senior management regarding the identified critical risks.
We provide consultancy to companies on the establishment of the RISK MANAGEMENT main structure, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management standard and which requires the implementation of Turkish laws in every company as of August. Risk management is not financial risks. Risk management structure; It is influenced and created by strategic planning, process management and performance management systems.
Risks on processes, departments and company targets are modeled in a certain hierarchy through workshops where failure to achieve targets is discussed. Aim; From a proactive perspective, it is to eliminate risks before they occur, reduce their effects and increase awareness within the institution.
Risk management brings with it improvements. Enterprise Risk Management is the key to having faster, less error-prone and low-cost, highly profitable processes and companies.
What Can We Do For You?
We can increase internal awareness with training provided in line with the ISO 31000 Risk Management standard.
We can create potential risk areas by determining the success parameters in achieving the company's vision, strategy and goals with senior management.
By determining your company's risk indicators, we can create threshold values for each risk indicator.
We can create the Corporate Risk scorecard. By evaluating the risks in general, we can create an in-house action and follow-up systematic regarding critical risks.

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