Do Customer Complaints guide you?
Our aim is to establish an effective complaint management system, to ensure that incoming customer complaints are recorded accurately, to ensure that they are not repeated and that the complaints are resolved as soon as possible.
With the Customer Complaint Management system established according to the ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Management standard, you can maximize customer satisfaction in your company and continuously improve your faulty processes.
What Can We Do For You?
  • Providing ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Management standard information and internal auditor training
  • Identifying the missing areas between the Complaint Management implemented in your company and the model required by the standard
  • Establishing the complaint management system from scratch or improving areas that are deemed deficient in the current structure
  • Controlling Customer Complaint Management through audits
  • Identifying and reporting improvement areas through statistical analysis of existing customer complaints

Dr. Ümit ÖZEN, Ph.D.
Management Consultant and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt 
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